Silicone Baby Bottles (Anti-Colic, Soft Natural Feel)

We designed our silicone baby bottles to help your baby get weaned more easily. Babies can latch onto our bottles easily due to the natural feel of the silicone and shape of the nipple. They feel comforted by the familiarity of it, and that makes it easier for them to become full.

We have a special place in our hearts for babies with colic—and their parents. That’s why we designed the anti-colic baby bottle system. Each nipple uses an innovative seal to keep out bacteria and has an air valve to stop air bubbles from building up in your baby’s tummy. 

Plus, you can step up the amount of nourishment your baby gets as he or she ages. Just switch to the next nipple type in the series to give him or her more formula more quickly.


How Perry Mackin Is Different

We’ve worked hard so feeding can be easier for you. Our natural feel bottles feature: 

  • Bacteria-Resistant Joints: Without any glue, our leak-proof joint keeps out bacteria and toxins. We also don’t use any plastic parts that would contact the formula.
  • Designs for Development: From our handle design to our silicone straws, we have created our silicone baby bottles to support the natural development of each baby.
  • Higher Formula Amounts: Our bottles hold more liquid than competitors’ bottles, giving your baby a more satisfying feeding time.
  • High-Quality Silicone: Our baby bottles use more silicone than competitors’. That means they’ll last longer and be harder to tip over. Plus, our food-grade silicone is safe, hygienic, and durable. 

  • Do you have any questions? You should! You want the best for your baby. Get answers on our FAQ page, or shop for bottles and accessories below.

    Why Perry Mackin Silicon Bottle Is Unique Compared To Others?

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