Perry Mackin vs Brand "C" Silicone Baby Bottles

October 23, 2019

As Perry Mackin continues to grow and we gain support and popularity among both new and veteran mothers, one question seems to reverberate off the nursery walls that our moms want to know about our silicone baby bottles. That most frequently asked baby bottle question is “What makes Perry Mackin silicone bottles different from competitor silicone bottles?” While we offer a built-in anti-colic system, bottle nipples designed to mimic breastfeeding, and an ultra-wide neck for easy cleaning, Perry Mackin touts a whole host of highlights that are unique to our brand alone:

PERRY MACKIN baby bottles are available in higher fluid capacities at 6 oz. and 9 oz. When you compare those capacities to a competitor 5 oz. and 8 oz. bottles, it means Perry Mackin silicone baby bottles offer a more consistent and uninterrupted feeding experience for your baby.

PERRY MACKIN baby bottles feature a patented leak-proof, bacteria-resistant joint system with no glue. Providing a seamless pathway from bottle to baby means ensuring your baby’s milk does not come into contact with any unnecessary toxic substances or any plastic bottle components at any point in the feeding process

PERRY MACKIN baby bottles contain meaningfully high silicone content which translates to better longevity, more durability and greater stability when placed in an upright position.

PERRY MACKIN baby bottles’ line of accessories was built with a developmental purpose of your child. Our unique handle design with a hole in the middle facilitates a squeeze point against the silicone bottle body so that the guiding parent can control the liquid flow through the straw to prevent any risk of choking from overflow and ultimately allows for self-learning of the straw suction mechanism by the child vital to proper oral motor development, or speech development. The tilted straw further helps your baby master the skill of drinking on his/her own in the most natural and seamless manner.  

Perry Mackin vs Brand "C"


Perry Mackin

Brand "C"

Built-in Anti-Colic Vent to Reduce Colic

Nipple Shape & Flow Designed to Mimic Breastfeeding

Ultra-Wide Neck Design for Easy Cleaning

Easy-to-Grip Curved Bottle Design

Microwave, Boiling Water, Dishwasher, Sterilizer Friendly

Bottle Fluid Capacity



Greater Upright Position Stability (due to higher silicone content)


Better Longevity (due to higher silicone content)


Does Not Come into Contact with ANY Plastic


Straw Top Compatible Accessory


Bottle Handle Compatible Accessory


Perry Mackin silicone baby bottles take into account every moment of the feeding process and guarantee your baby’s health is maintained. We hope this comparison guide will help you see the advantages of using the Perry Mackin Silicone Baby Bottle and why more parents are making the switch to Perry Mackin.