Perry Mackin Natural Feel, Anti-Colic, Soft Silicone Baby Bottle

The Perry Mackin Silicone Bottle is specially designed to prevent common issues of colic, gas, and reflux by eliminating air bubbles in the milk and its breast-like shaped soft nipple secures a good latch during feeding. The unique vent keeps the easy-to-latch nipple full of milk, helping your baby ingest less air.

easy grip baby bottle

Soft Silicone Touch & Easy to Grip

Each bottle is made of impact-resistant Medical Grade Silicone, a naturally safe, durable and hygienic material that has no open pores to harbor bacteria ensuring the health of your baby. The skin-like nipple and body of Perry Mackin Silicone Bottles are completely BPA, PVC, and phthalate-free for ultimate reassurance of your baby’s safety.

Easy to Clean

The ergonomic contour grip design is easy for little hands to hold and adds to the practical function of accommodating the range of your baby’s feeding positions. The soft, naturally shaped silicone nipple closely mimics breastfeeding and promotes easy switching between breast and bottle. The wide neck feature and rounded corners allow for easy cleaning by hand without a brush. The bottles are suitable for use in the dishwasher, microwave, and steam sterilization.


Natural feel silicone nipple • Anti-colic air vent system
Patented joint system - no glue used • Wide neck for easy cleaning
Easy to read measurements • Skin like soft body


Perry Mackin Silicone Bottles exclusively feature a patented leak-proof, bacteria- resistant joint system with no glue used to ensure your baby’s milk does not come into contact with any unnecessary toxic substances. The interior of each bottle was developed to be completely FDA approved food-grade silicone to prevent leaching of harmful chemicals.


Ultra wide-neck design and rounded corners make cleaning easy by hand or brush. To prevent discoloration
and bottle odor, thoroughly wash the bottles after each use and allow to air dry completely afterward. Microwave, sterilizer, boiling water, dishwasher, and freezer safe. Our bottles are perfectly safe in the dishwasher. But place them on the top rack to avoid being too close to the heating coils. Please note: Only the silicone bottles and nipples are sterilizer and microwave safe and can be boiled in water.


Made of super-soft high-grade silicone free of BPA, BPS, phthalates, lead, PVC & PET. Designed to mimic breastfeeding with its familiar nipple shape and feel to ease the transition from breast to bottle and promote a natural latch-on. The ergonomic contour grip design is easy for little hands to hold.


An anti-colic vent prevents unwanted air intake reducing colic symptoms for less gas and discomfort. Clear markings on the bottle ensure accurate measurement and make is easy to determine how much your baby has consumed.


The 6 oz. bottle comes with our slow flow nipple that has one hole, ideal for 0-3 months. The 9 oz. bottle comes with our medium flow nipple and has two holes, ideal for 3-6 months. For faster flow rates that will accommodate your growing baby’s needs, additional nipple options are available for purchase and are interchangeable with all Perry Mackin silicone baby bottles.


Perry Mackin Silicone Nipples

The extra-soft silicone nipple is available in different flow rates so babies of all ages can feed at their own pace. We recommend slow flow (one hole) for 0~3 months, medium flow (two holes) for 3~6 months, fast flow (three holes) for 6~9 months and for 9 months and up, we suggest transitioning to our Y-shape nipple, ideal for faster flow and sippy cup with anti-slip handles (bottle accessories sold separately).

PERRY MACKIN Silicone Baby Bottle is BPA / PVC / PHTHALATE FREE, Microwave / Dishwasher / sterilizer / boiling SAFE (Silicone Body Only)

3 in One Bottle

Stage 1

Start as a baby bottle with an innovative Anti-colic air vent system

Stage 2 

Move on to a sippy cup with a Y-shape nipple allowing greater milk flow for growing babies.

Stage 3

Transition to a straw cup with Perry Mackin’s silicone straw and add anti-slip handles for optimal grip for toddlers.
(Bottle accessories including step 1 nipple (6oz) and step 2 nipple (9oz), Y-shape nipple, silicone straw and handles sold separately)

Bottle Accessories 

Perry Mackin Silicone Bottles work interchangeably with its line of accessories making the transition from newborn to toddler as smooth as possible for busy moms. The advanced technology of Perry Mackin Silicone Straws encourages little ones to learn to feed independently. Fluid will not flow through the straw unless the bottle is compressed. The slight bend design also helps get every sip from the bottle

Perry Mackin's Unique Straw Features

• The flexible straw and the squeezable silicone body make it the perfect tool to wean a child from baby bottles or sippy cups.
• Your baby can lightly squeeze the soft silicone base to draw liquid up the straw to drink until he/she learns how to properly suck from the straw.
• The advanced technology of our silicone straws ensures fluid will not flow through them unless the bottle is compressed avoiding spills and messes.
• Our silicone straw top works interchangeably with our line of bottles by simply replacing the nipple facilitating the transition from bottle to a straw cup and making busy parents’ lives easier.