Baby Haircut Tips: How to Do It Yourself and Keep Anxiety Low

July 20, 2020

Baby Haircut Tips: How to Do It Yourself and Keep Anxiety Low

Cutting your baby's hair can seem like a daunting task especially for any mom attempting it for the first time. For some children, getting their haircut is full of screaming, tears and tantrums while the parents find themselves exasperated by the experience. But we will share some tips to guide you through how to do it while keeping your child's anxiety low.

The Basics of Trimming a Baby's Hair 

While deciding when to cut your baby's is up to you, keep in mind that your little ones regulate their temperature through their head. Therefore, after your baby's first haircut, be sure to be careful when exposing them to the cold. We recommend waiting a few months until your baby learns to hold their own head up or even until they are able to sit up on their own to make the process easier for all involved. 

If you are able to, sit them in a highchair to get them comfortable and stay still. For older children, explain everything that you're doing to let them know what to expect and to put them at ease. 

Rounded tip scissors are the best ones to use to keep them safe and avoid any injuries. Only cut your baby's hair when it's dry and start at the end of the neck. Hold each section of hair between your fingers when cutting for the most precision. Having another adult nearby to hold their head firmly in place may be necessary to avoid sudden movements.

Cutting Hair at Home Instead of at the Salon

Now that you know some basics of child hair cutting, you might be asking yourself why cutting it at home is better than going to the salon.

Busy salons with a lot of noise from people and loud hair dryers may frighten an anxious child. The strong smells from hair products and unfamilar environment might upset them as well which is why the comfort of your home is a great alternative. 

Shopping for Supplies to Ease Their Anxiety

Some of the anxiety that your children feel about getting a haircut revolves around having no control over their environment or what's happening to their hair. Solving this issue is pretty simple. 

Taking your child to pick out their own supplies for their haircut can help to ease their anxiety. Using the comb or brush they really like will make the items feel more familiar and personal when haircut time comes around. In addition, dressing them in a comfortable cotton shirt instead of draping a cape over them can reduce stress.

Mirrors Might Actually Help

Sitting your children in front of the mirror can help with their anxiety when you show them and explain to them what you're doing to their hair step by step. Letting them look at their hair before and after may also get them excited about how their look has changed.

Activities for Distraction

Distracting your baby with some fun activities might help the process go more smoothly. Putting on their favorite tv show or giving them their favorite toy to hold might keep them busy. Another option is to put on some headphones and play relaxing music to block out any outside noise.

Start With Their Nails

If your baby gets anxious about getting a haircut, start with something simple. After you finish with their bath, try clipping their nails. If they aren't too happy with this activity, start with one nail and progress gradually to get them accustomed and show that they have nothing to be afraid of.

It's a good idea to master clipping your child's nails before attempting a haircut. This way, you'll ease them into each grooming activity and they'll become less anxious the more you try. 

Timed Haircuts Reduce Stress

A nervous child craves structure because it lets them know what's coming next so that they aren't overwhelmed by surprises. A good way to incorporate structure into their haircuts is by timing them. 

Timing a haircut will let your child know how long things will take and let them see an end in sight. They'll know that they don't have to sit still for too long and feel a sense of security about that. 

Snacks to Munch On

We all have snacks that we love to have especially during stressful times. Giving your baby a snack they love during their haircut can make the situation feel better. 

Another good idea is to give your baby their favorite bottle, one that's easy to hold, so they can focus on drinking it while you trim their hair. If your child relates haircut time to snack time, it may help to ease their stress beforehand. 

Relaxation Techniques

A great way to help your child feel a bit more relaxed is by lighting a few candles. Scents like vanilla or lavender are known for their calming qualities. You can also try deep breaths before and during their haircut to make them feel more comfortable.

Baby Haircut Tips to Make the Occasion a Breeze 

Learning how to master a baby haircut can seem tricky but the tips above should help you give a great haircut while easing your child's anxiety. As long as you are patient and take this process step by step, haircuts will no longer seem like an unbearable crisis.