5 Must-Have Spring Accessories for Babies

May 12, 2020

5 Must-Have Spring Accessories for Babies

Spring is here! And one of the best parts of a new season is swapping out the little one's wardrobe. Say goodbye to the navy blues, blacks, and greys of winter and hello to all things spring!

Spring is such a fun time to dress up your child. And this is your go-to guide for the five best spring clothing and accessories for babies. We've got practical reminders as well as cute tips to get you inspired.  

1. Cute Dresses are Back

One of the best parts of spring is getting out all your daughter's sundresses! Colorful dresses in pink, yellow, blue, and purple can really feel festive. And after a long winter, we all need a little color in our lives, right?

While it's still cool out, style your child in long-sleeved dresses or pair them with a cute pair of leggings.

2. Easter Print Leggings

Speaking of leggings, why not invest in some cute springtime pairs? Leggings covered with chevron eggs or watercolor bunnies can be super cute. Pair them with a solid-colored top (or a matching one!) and your child will have the Easter look down pat.

You don't have to opt for the patterned leggings. If that's not your style, keep it simple. Use faded colors for a classic yet subtle spring vibe.

Not into Easter colors? Keep things natural by incorporating browns and tans into your child's wardrobe. Your kid will be looking cute for their next play date or trip to Grandma's house. 

3. Don't Forget to Layer

The transition from winter to spring can see a 60-degree day followed by a 20-degree day. Of course, that all depends on where you live. But if the weather swings like that where you are, take note.

It's important to know how to dress your baby in all types of weather. From the early weeks of March through until around May, embrace the art of spring layering.

Leg Warmers

Leg warmers are a great accessory! They can help you keep your child warm on those especially chilly spring days. Simply slide them up over your baby's leggings or trousers and you've got a cute look that's practical, too. 

Try to find leg warmers made with organic cotton. If you're into crafts, knit or crochet a pair for your kids!  


Similar to leg warmers, mittens can be a helpful addition on cooler spring days. Make your own or purchase a cute pair that are bright and cheerful. Mittens can be packed in your diaper bag for easy access or storage, depending on whether you need them or not. 

Cute Caps

It can still be chilly as the weather shifts from winter to spring. Sometimes, the temperature drops rapidly overnight. It's always good to keep a cute, knitted cap nearby for early spring outings. 

Pick one in light blues, yellows, or purples. Pack it with you even if you're not sure you'll need it. 

4. Handsome, Pastel Button-Downs

For the little man in your life, short-sleeved, pastel button-downs can be so cute! They're perfect for a dressy, springtime look.

Go for a mint green top with charcoal bottoms and a matching bowtie. Or try a salmon pink shirt with vertical stripes for a cute, vintage vibe.

Plaid pastels can be super stylish, too. Find a top in a faded, multicolored plaid pattern, and your baby will be looking festive and adorable in no time. 

5. Accessories for Babies

Babies require a lot of practical accessories. From stroller pillows to teethers to bottles, the list can go on for ages! But there are also a bunch of extras for your child that are just plain cute!

Take a look at what you've been using for your child throughout the winter. What can you swap out for something more seasonal? 


First, why not exchange the child's usual bib for a springtime one? Bibs with little bunnies, eggs, or chicks are perfect. Floral bibs, bibs with light pastels, or even bibs that resemble slices of watermelon can add a touch of spring to every meal. 

Meal Time Items

Speaking of mealtime, spring is a great time to switch out old accessories for new ones. Are your bottle tops getting worn? Has your child outgrown their high-chair? 

Spring is a great time to go through what you have and determine what you need to replace. Kids are fast and furious growers, and it's not unusual to watch them outgrow things by the season. 


Those grey, sunless days are finally behind us! And nothing is cuter than a baby in sunglasses. Find a pair shaped like flowers or adorned with easter eggs to tie the look in with the season. 

For boys, light blue glasses will reflect the clear skies above. Or you can always go for a classic yellow or purple. Match their glasses to their outfit, and your baby will be all set for their outing.

Head Gear

It's important in this shifting season to keep your baby's head and ears protected.

Bright sunlight can be shielded by adding a cute cap to their ensemble. Just make sure it has a visor. Intense sunlight can make it hard for a baby to see.

A headband can help keep their ears warm on those chilly spring mornings. Knit your own or look for ones that combine a knitted top with a soft, cotton underside.

Banners and Decorations

Don't forget to add a spot of spring into your decorations, too! String up some fabric garland up in the kids' room or hang Easter-themed watercolor art. 

If your child has a birthday coming up, put up a pastel 'happy birthday' banner on their big day.  Each letter could be a different spring color or take the shape of a different Easter animal. 

Hop Into Spring in Style 

One of the most enjoyable parts of being a parent, especially to a newborn, is dressing them up to match the seasons. And now you're set up with all the must-haves for spring.

Spring brings with it a lot of cute accessories, so find what you like. Explore patterns and textures to see what fits your baby's personality best. 

And don't forget to update your own accessories! For all your on-the-go needs, check out our collection!