Baby Arrival Gift Set

This bundle is perfectly stocked full of baby essentials to support precious little ones as they reach new milestones.

The 5-piece gift set includes the following:

9oz Silicone Baby Bottle in White: Our anti-colic bottle was designed with an innovative vent system to prevent common issues of colic, gas and reflux by eliminating air bubbles in milk. The 9oz bottle comes with our medium flow nipple that has two holes ideal for babies 3 to 6 months of age. The soft, naturally shaped silicone nipple closely mimics breastfeeding and facilitates switching between breast and bottle by securing a good latch during feeding. The skin-like nipple and body of our bottles are made of food grade silicone, a naturally safe, durable and hygienic material, completely BPA, PVC and phthalate free for ultimate reassurance of your baby’s safety.

Step 3 Nipples (2 Pack): Our silicone baby bottle nipples were designed to closely mimic natural breastfeeding to facilitate the transition from breast to bottle and promote a secure latch on. Made of 100% food-grade silicone, our Step 3 fast flow nipples feature three holes, ideal for babies 6 months and up. They mimic mom’s nipple changes during nursing and increases the rate of feeding to accommodate your baby’s growing appetite. Our complete line of nipples are compatible with all Perry Mackin silicone baby bottles. * Each pack includes two naturally shaped, soft silicone nipples.

Silicone Bottle Handle in White: Our silicone bottle handles help transition from bottle to cup and encourage your little ones to become independent drinkers. The removable anti-slip, easy to grip handles fit comfortably into baby’s small hands and improve hand-eye coordination while they learn to grasp and hold their bottles. In addition, our handle was designed with a hole in the center to facilitate a squeeze point against the silicone bottle body so that the guiding parent can control the liquid flow through our silicone straw. This unique feature prevents any risk of choking from overflow and ultimately, allows for self-learning of the straw suction mechanism by your child, which is vital to proper oral motor skills and speech development. 

Silicone Straw: Transform your child's bottle into a convenient sippy cup with our silicone straw. Made of 100% food-grade silicone, this practical straw is compatible with all Perry Mackin bottles by simply replacing the nipple. The advanced technology of our silicone straws encourage little ones to learn to feed independently. Fluid will not flow through the straw unless the bottle is compressed. The slight bend design also helps get every sip from the bottle. Save time, energy and money with our lid system designed to evolve with your baby’s needs. 

Organic Cotton Head, Neck & Shoulder Support Baby Pillow: Our organic cotton head, neck & shoulder support pillow provides optimal support during travel by preventing the head from bobbing up and down and stopping the head from falling forward when asleep. The pillow’s uniquely patented design not only gently cradles and protects your babies’ fragile head and neck but also keeps their shoulders safely positioned as well. * Available in 3 options: Yellow/Grey, Blue Stripe and Red Stripe.

*Gift wrap may differ slightly from the picture.

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