[Yahoo! News] 15 Best Backpacks for Kids

April 01, 2020

[Yahoo! News] 15 Best Backpacks for Kids

Backpacks are the number one school staple, but shopping for one among the thousands of options can be overwhelming. (Should I go big or small? Pockets or zippers? Does this need to last for more than one year?) That’s why we rounded up some top picks that have received rave reviews from parents and the kids who are wearing them. Read on for the best backpacks for kids, courtesy of real moms.

Perry Mackin Charlie Kids’ School Backpack

If your child wants to make a fashion statement, opt for this super chic Perry Mackin Backpack. The small size is best for elementary school kids, but it does feature two interior pockets, an exterior zipper pocket and two water bottle holders--so it can still carry plenty of supplies. Best of all, the material looks like expensive leather, but it’s not, so you don’t have to worry about what happens when one of those water bottles leak.