[MADAMENOIRE] Mommy Tried It! Ditch Plastic And Glass For Perry Mackin’s Silicone Baby Bottles

May 08, 2020

[MADAMENOIRE] Mommy Tried It! Ditch Plastic And Glass For Perry Mackin’s Silicone Baby Bottles

For the mothers-to-be and new moms alike, if you weren’t in the know, get to know about Perry Mackin’s silicone baby bottles. Not only are they cute, but they’re also flexible, long-lasting, and free of toxins.

The bottles are quite sustainable (as in environmentally friendly). They’re made of 30 percent higher impact-resistant medical grade silicone, which is a hygienic material that ensures the bottle has no open pores so that bacteria can’t form and be harbored. The bottles are BPA, PVC and phthalate-free, and they’re easy to clean thanks to the wide neck. They also hold up in the dishwasher, in the freezer, microwave and in boiling water.

There is a leak-proof, bacteria-proof joint system that attaches the nipple to the bottle.  No glue is used, further ensuring that your child’s milk won’t be exposed to anything harmful, so no leaching of harmful chemicals. In addition to all that, there’s an anti-colic air vent system so that air isn’t ingested during baby’s feedings.

The bottles are also lightweight and incredibly soft to the touch for your little one, from the nipple to the bottom. The exterior has a contour grip design, allowing for the bottle to be able to go to work in whatever position your baby is feeding and to assist in them being able to hold on to it the older they get. The measurement system on the outside of the bottle is also easy to read in ounces and millilitres.

The Perry Mackin brand, though they have a full selection of baby products (from diaper bags and bibs to neck pillows and more), knows a thing or two about silicone. Aside from the silicone baby bottles, they also have silicone teething feeders and silicone transitional bottle handles for when your baby isn’t such a little one anymore. The brand, founded seven years ago, is all about providing what they call “ubiquitous luxury,” and by that they mean they offer products made of high-quality raw materials and that are of premium design and functionality.

Get to know what they mean by ubiquitous luxury by checking out these adorable bottles, which come in white, pink and blue. Perry Mackin is currently having a Mother’s Day sale, so these bottles, among an assortment of other products, are 30 percent off.