[Parenting] The Best Silicone Baby Bottles for Your Little One

February 15, 2020

[Parenting] The Best Silicone Baby Bottles for Your Little One

Silicone baby bottle designs are changing the way parents feed their little ones. The material is BPA-free, easy to clean and sterilize, soft and lightweight—what more could a parent, or a baby, want? From new baby brands to some of the most well-known baby bottle makers out there, these are the best silicone baby bottles you can buy right now.

Perry Mackin's 100% Food-Grade Silicone, Anti-Colic, Natural Feel Baby Bottles 

This 2-pack of Perry Mackin silicone baby bottles is soft to the touch, so it feels natural and soothing next to your baby’s sweet face. The bottles are medical grade, impact-resistant silicone and have a contour grip design that makes it easy to accommodate multiple feeding positions and make it easier for baby to grasp the bottle as they get older. The wide-neck design makes this bottle easy to be cleaned between feedings.