Why Silicone Baby Bottles are the Better Choice

June 05, 2019

Why Silicone Baby Bottles are the Better Choice

All bottle-feeding moms want the safest, non-toxic option when nourishing their babies. Although plastic baby bottles are inexpensive, lightweight, convenient and hard to break, plastic leaches chemicals into milk, even those labeled “BPA free”. Once BPA was phased out, manufacturers replaced it with BPS and BPF, simply replacing one endocrine-disrupting chemical for another. New evidence emerged suggesting that these BPA substitutes are equally or more hazardous to our health. On the other hand, though glass bottles contain no harmful chemicals and are more durable than plastic, they are heavier for moms and babies to hold and there exists the risk of shattering.  

Now enter silicone, which the FDA has approved as a “food-safe substance”. With no estrogen-mimicking toxins like BPA and no open pores to harbor bacteria, not only is silicone safe and hygienic, but it is also far more durable than plastic, making it the clear environmentally-friendly choice. Additionally, it can endure extreme fluctuations in temperature from very cold to oven hot without melting, cracking or otherwise degrading. If disposed of at a landfill for incineration, the silicone, unlike plastic, is converted back into inorganic, harmless ingredients: amorphous silica, carbon dioxide, and water vapor.

100% food-grade silicone is the preferred material for baby bottle nipples due to its flexibility and natural breast-like feel, easing the transition from breast to bottle. Babies love the familiarity to mom and moms love the naturally safe, lightweight, easy cleaning, scratch-resistant characteristics of silicone that is also suitable for use in the dishwasher, steam sterilizer, microwave, and freezer.

Perry Mackin’s silicone baby bottles ensure the highest standards of purity and safety to promote healthy kids and a sustainable world. Give yourself peace of mind and jump on the silicone bandwagon to make a positive impact on the planet through natural parenting.