Toddler Harness Backpack with Safety Leash: Helpful or Harmful?

January 02, 2020

Toddler Harness Backpack with Safety Leash: Helpful or Harmful?

Keeping your child safe is undoubtedly every parent’s top priority. No parent wants to face their worst nightmare of losing their children in a crowded public space or having them run off into the busy streets. How do you make sure your curious little ones remain close to you?

A majority of parents have turned to safety harness backpacks to prevent their precious toddlers from straying when out and about in public. A tether, held by the parent, is securely attached to the harness backpack, serving as a leash for restraint.

While providing ultimate control to the parent, it also offers a certain amount of freedom of movement in comparison to the child being carried, pushed in a stroller or held by the hand.

Although critics may argue that hand holding is best, situations arise where that may not be an option or ideal such as a single parent taking multiple children on an outing or children with special needs requiring extra safety and security precautions.

In addition, holding hands for long periods of time can be uncomfortable and wearisome for parents and children. The toddler harness backpack offers a hands-free experience with peace of mind.

When used properly, the harness backpack is an effective parenting device to safely travel from Point A to Point B. Simply unlatch the tether in familiar, less crowded areas, and your child can explore freely with personal items on hand.

To keep hunger at bay, Perry Mackin’s Toddler Harness Backpack is fully insulated to let your little ones keep their drinks and snacks warm or cool throughout the year.

Available in a variety of fun colors, our bucket style kids backpacks are sure to be a crowd-pleaser by offering a sense of independence for children and a safeguard for parents.

Each child is unique and ultimately, parents should decide what is best for them based on their needs. As long as your little ones are safe, happy and healthy, what more could a parent ask for?