The Benefits of Using a Stroller Liner

January 06, 2020

The Benefits of Using a Stroller Liner

If you want to increase the longevity of your stroller while providing comfort for your little ones, invest in a stroller liner.

The main benefits of stroller liners are convenience, comfort and cleanliness.

  • Comfort:

    The padding included in the stroller is often minimal and since your baby spends a fair amount of time in their strollers, purchasing a comfortable liner will offer extra cushioning for a more pleasant ride.

    In addition, a majority of liners are made from a soft, breathable fabric.

    Perry Mackin’s dual-sided, reversible stroller liner offers a breathable 3D-air mesh side for increased ventilation during the summer months in addition to a 100% premium organic cotton side gentle against baby’s skin.

  • Convenience:

    Bottle spills and food stains cannot be avoided when out and about with your little ones. Liners protect your stroller from such mess, maintaining its durability to endure a younger sibling taking over the reins.

    Fortunately, for moms on-the-go, most stroller liners are machine washable, making it easy to clean and maintain the health of your baby.

  • Cleanliness:

    Strollers are difficult to clean with crumbs succumbing to their cracks and crevices and stains ending up in areas that you cannot simply detach to wash.

    Liners act as a barrier between your baby and the stroller, preventing accidents from reaching the stroller, thus ensuring a hygienic ride.

In addition to practical purposes, liners add a splash of color and style to a stroller. With a huge variety to choose from, parents can express their child’s personality with a unique pattern that best suits them.

Perry Mackin offers 3 toddler stroller liner designs that will complement any stroller. Our liners come with a pair of hooks that latch on to the stroller for a snug and secure fit.
The innovative and ergonomic design contours to your baby’s body to keep those bumpy rides as smooth as possible.