The Benefits of Using an Infant Stroller Insert for Your Child

January 06, 2020

The Benefits of Using an Infant Stroller Insert for Your Child

If you want to increase the longevity of your stroller while providing comfort for your little ones, invest in a stroller cushion insert. Stroller inserts protect your baby as well as the stroller, and they can make all the difference between a quality stroller lasting for years and needing to be discarded early.

What Is a Stroller Liner?

A stroller liner, also known as an infant stroller insert or stroller support, is an additional layer of support and comfort for your baby. Perry Mackin’s stroller liner inserts provide stabilizing support to make even the bumpiest rides in a stroller smooth and comfortable for your precious little cargo. 

The 3 Cs of Stroller Inserts

Infant stroller liners provide convenience, comfort, and cleanliness.


Bottle spills and food stains cannot be avoided when out and about with your little ones. Liners protect your stroller from mess and maintain its durability to allow a younger sibling to take over the reins.

Fortunately, for moms on-the-go, most stroller liners are machine washable, making them easy to clean and safeguard the health of your baby.


The padding included in strollers is often thin. Since your baby spends a fair amount of time in their strollers, purchasing a comfortable liner will offer extra cushioning for a more pleasant ride.

Better yet, most liners are made from a soft, breathable fabric.

Perry Mackin’s dual-sided, reversible stroller liner offers a breathable, 3D-air mesh side for increased ventilation during the summer months and a 100 percent premium organic cotton side that’s gentle against your baby’s skin.


Strollers are difficult to clean with crumbs succumbing to their cracks and crevices, and stains ending up in areas that you cannot simply detach to wash.

Liner inserts act as a barrier between your baby and the stroller, preventing accidents from reaching the stroller, thus ensuring a hygienic ride.

In addition to practical purposes, liners add a splash of color and style to a stroller. With a huge variety to choose from, parents can express their child’s personality with a unique pattern that best suits them.

What Are the Benefits of Using a Stroller Liner? 

A stroller liner helps your baby stay comfortable and protected. It provides extra support for infants to ensure they don’t bounce, bump, or get tossed around in their stroller. 

Some strollers come with little to no padding for your baby. Thick, un-padded plastic materials aren’t going to keep your little one comfortable. Rigid materials may hurt the baby’s back or provide little support. A liner can help keep your baby comfortable and secure no matter which stroller you use. It’s possible to make even the cheapest stroller comfortable for your baby with a liner. 

Liners also protect your stroller. When your kid makes a mess, you should be able to easily clean it up. If you don’t have a stroller liner, it’s easy to miss a spot. A dirty stroller liner can be easily removed and thrown in with the laundry to make sure your baby is getting the comfort and cleanliness they deserve. 

What Ages Should Use a Stroller Liner? 

Newborns are unable to move or support their heads on their own until they are around three months old. The exact age is different for each baby, but no child should be put into a stroller until they are able to move their head and neck on their own. 

As soon as a baby is able to use a stroller, it’s time to use a stroller liner. You can continue to use a liner until it is no longer comfortable and does not provide the support your baby needs. 

Why Should You Use a Stroller Liner? 

If a stroller does not provide them with the support they need, your child’s head can jostle and bounce with every bump you go over with the stroller. Even if they are strong enough to move their head on their own, you want to make sure they are protected and comfortable in their stroller. 

You should also use a cushion insert to improve the lifespan of your stroller. Kids will eat, drink, sleep, and play in their strollers. A liner can help your stroller last longer by keeping it clean and protecting it against stains, rips, and tears. 

Perry Mackin offers 3 infant stroller insert designs that will complement any stroller. Our liners come with a pair of hooks that latch onto the stroller for a snug and secure fit. The innovative and ergonomic design contours to your baby’s body to keep those bumpy rides as smooth as possible.