Teethers and Oral Motor Skills Development

December 19, 2019

Teethers and Oral Motor Skills Development

Oral motor skills involve the movement of the facial muscles which include the mouth, jaw, tongue, lips and cheeks.

How these oral structures independently function and work together builds the foundation for feeding and speech/language development. At birth, the sensory system around the mouth is one of the most developed areas which is why babies tend to put things in their mouths to gain knowledge about their surroundings.

Toys for the mouth such as teethers provide a gateway for children to the sensory world and prepare their mouths for more complex feeding tasks.

Silicone Teethers by Perry Mackin

Teethers such as Perry Mackin’s Soft Silicone Baby Teethers are perfect for allowing children to explore with their lips, tongue and jaw as they extract sensory information such as size, shape, texture and temperature.

The tongue moves from side to side to analyze the foreign object which in the future, will help in moving food inside the mouth. The jaw opens and closes as they chew and bite the teether, aiding in speech development in their later stages.

Playfully designed like their favorite fruits, the multi-textured surfaces featured on the fruit and the bottom of each Perry Mackin teether encourage children’s oral sensory needs as they discover sensations that provide soothing comfort and relief.

For a cooling effect, the teethers can also be placed in the refrigerator.

Baby Safety Comes First

Free of BPA, PVC and phthalates, these fruit teethers offer a safe option for babies to massage their sensitive and sore gums as they chew and bite the soft silicone.

The simple shape makes it easy for little ones to grasp stimulating their sense of touch and fostering early hand-eye coordination as they direct the teether into their mouths.

The next time your little ones reach for something to place in their mouths, make sure it’s a Perry Mackin’s Soft Silicone Baby Teether and support their efforts in reaching their milestones in a safe and healthy way.