Signs Your Toddler Is Ready to be Potty Trained

August 26, 2019

Signs Your Toddler Is Ready to be Potty Trained

As a major milestone in early childhood, potty training is a big step for parents and toddlers alike. It is important not to rush if your child is not showing developmental signs that he/she is ready. Pressuring your toddler early on will set him/her for failure even with the best toilet tactics. Let your child set the pace for when to embark on this journey and be on the lookout for the following telltale signs:

Shows interest:

Your child may ask you questions about going to the bathroom and show interest in using the toilet and/or “big kid” underpants.

Fewer wet diapers:

Your child is displaying signs that he/she is physically ready when he/she stays dry for at least 2 hours or after naps. This indicates that their bladder capacity is increasing and expecting them to control their bladders becomes more realistic.

Bowel movements become predictable:

A regular rhythm will help you anticipate when to pull out the potty and enhance their chances of success.

Recognizes when they go and uses potty lingo:

If your toddler is aware when they go potty and signals by either verbally announcing “I’m pooping now!” or in a more subtle manner with a preemptive grunt, he/she will be able to better control what he/she understands is happening.

Despises dirty diapers:

Your child dislikes being in a wet or dirty diaper and wants to be changed immediately.

Follows simple directions:

Your child understands the steps involved in using the bathroom such as turning the light on, properly undressing, patiently sitting on the toilet, wiping, flushing and then washing his/her hands.

Can undress independently:

Your toddler can easily pull his/her pants up and down. During their potty-training period, you may want to avoid complicated attire that may hinder them from getting undressed on their own.

Can sit still:

Waiting for a bowel movement takes patience so make sure your child has shown his/her ability to sit and engage in an activity for a few minutes without becoming distracted or irritable.

Although potty-training your little ones can be a frustrating and long journey, it is important to be patient and encouraging throughout the entire process. And don’t fret, soon your toddler will have this skill in the bag, and you can retire your diaper bag.