Silicone Baby Bottles by Perry Mackin

September 11, 2019

Silicone Baby Bottles by Perry Mackin

Perry Mackin has always believed in providing the safest, most natural options for your precious little ones. We developed our food safe, medical-grade silicone baby bottles with that philosophy in mind.

Why Silicone Feeding? 

What is silicone? It is a man-made, non-toxic polymer mostly made from silica (sand). Because of its malleable, soft and shatterproof qualities, it is becoming quite popular in everyday use. More importantly, the FDA has approved food-grade silicone as safe, meaning it will not react with other materials and is suitable for the type of food that it comes in contact with.

Another factor we considered when producing our line of bottles was the purity of the silicone since not all silicone is created equal. Lower quality and less expensive silicone can contain fillers which is why Perry Mackin’s bottles are made of 100% food-grade silicone.

Not surprisingly, in addition to being featured in numerous blogs and editorials, Perry Mackin’s Silicone Baby Bottle was handpicked by “Baby Maternity Magazine” for their Top Choice Award for its unique design and better feeding experience. Our extra soft high-grade silicone nipples provide the perfect solution for switching between breast and bottle with its familiar nipple shape and feel.

For a more natural feeding experience, different flow rate nipples are available to mimic mom’s nipple changes during nursing and conveniently are interchangeable with all Perry Mackin silicone baby bottles. Additionally, the built-in anti-colic vent system prevents common issues of colic, gas and reflux by eliminating air bubbles in milk for proper digestion. Perry Mackin Silicone Bottles are completely BPA, PVC and phthalate-free for ultimate reassurance of your baby’s safety and exclusively feature a patented leak-proof, bacteria-resistant joint system with no glue used to ensure your baby’s milk does not come into contact with any unnecessary toxic substances. The interior of each bottle was developed to be completely FDA approved food-grade silicone to prevent leaching of harmful chemicals for a naturally safe, durable and hygienic choice.

Whether it be for a baby shower or a gift for your own precious bundle of joy, provide the best and safest with Perry Mackin’s silicone baby bottles and other premium baby products.