Online Educational Resources

March 23, 2020

Online Educational Resources

Here are some excellent online educational resources:

1. Raz Kids

An online reading program catering K-5 students, where kids can listen or read a variety of e-books and take the accompanying short quizzes afterwards to make sure they understood the content.

2. EPIC!

Perfect for children 12 years and under, EPIC offers 35,000 books to read with learning videos and quizzes. Plus Educators get free access and other users can join free for 30 days!

3. No Red Ink

Excellent writing resource to encourage students to become stronger writers and improve their grammar through fun and relevant exercises.

4. Splash Learn

Great math practice resource for K-5 students. The personalized learning path and interactive games with rewards will help improve your child’s weak areas.

5. Khan Academy

Free, world class education featuring expert-created content, practice exercises and instructional videos for every course with a personalized learning dashboard to encourage students to learn at their own pace.

6. PBS Learning Media

This site has made it convenient for teachers and students from Pre-K to high school to access a variety of interactive videos and lesson plans for every subject.

7. Newsela

Great resource for Social Studies, Science and the Arts. Personalize lessons to meet your skill level with engaging and fresh content from the world’s best sources. Highly recommended for 3rd graders and up but take into consideration your child’s interests and reading comprehension level.