Kids’ Air Travel Must-Haves

January 14, 2020

Kids’ Air Travel Must-Haves

The mere thought of flying with children can be daunting. What if they start crying or screaming? Will they be able to sit calmly for the duration of the flight?

With so many uncontrollable variables at play, the best approach parents can take is to be prepared with the essentials to keep their little ones comfortable and entertained.

The following is a list of must-have items to pack in your kids’ carry on:

1) Comfort Item

If you find yourself on an overnight flight or your travel plans overlap with nap time, bring items that your child is accustomed to sleeping with at homes such as a beloved stuffed animal or a snuggly blanket.  

2) Extra Clothes

Spills and messes go hand in hand when traveling with your kids so carrying a supply of extra clothes is a must. Planes can get quite cold so pack a few warm layers as well.

3) Wet Wipes

Not only are wet wipes necessary for cleaning your munchkins’ hands after snack time but they come in handy for de-germing everything your curious little ones may come in contact with.  

4) Refillable Water Bottle / Snacks

With TSA liquid restrictions, parents should pack an empty water bottle or sippy cup to fill with water once they pass through security.

In addition to tackling hydration needs, prevent hunger tantrums by bringing extra snacks that your kids love in case of unexpected delays or your flight not offering appealing options. And don’t forget those lollipops and chewing gum to cope with changes in air pressure during take-off and landing.

5) Travel Pillow

During nap time, travel pillows help create a cozy environment in a limited seated space.

Perry Mackin’s Premium Organic Cotton Neck Pillow is soft, light-weight and it’s unique design gently cradles your child’s head and neck while providing optimal support. Be the envy of all parents onboard with a sleeping child.

6) iPad / Headphones

An iPad is a lifesaver for long flights to keep your active child calmly seated and focused.

Pre-load it with his or her favorite movies, tv shows or interactive apps for hours of peace and quiet. And keep their iPad time passenger friendly with headphones made to comfortably fit their tiny ears.

Let your child carry their own travel essentials and feel like a big kid with Perry Mackin’s Toddler Harness Backpack!

Our water-resistant, bucket style backpacks have a spacious compartment and are fully insulated, perfect for housing their drinks, snacks, and treasures galore. And parents can easily attach the safety leash to monitor their mini travelers as they navigate the bustling airport to their gate of departure.

Happy Travels!