6 Fun Activities for Toddlers at Home

July 06, 2020

6 Fun Activities for Toddlers at Home

The current environment has us all spending more time indoors and feeling a bit stir crazy. And if you have a toddler, then you know just how antsy that they can get. You might be looking for some fun activities for them to do at home.

Toddlers need lots of brain stimulation as well as some physical time when it comes to finding activities for them to do. Otherwise, they will get bored easily and want to move on to the next.

Luckily, we have some awesome activities that are perfect for them to do right at home.

1. Use Their Imaginations 

At a young age, your child will start seeing ordinary things in a different light by using their imagination. This is an easy activity for you because it doesn't require much extra work. All you will need to do is gather a few materials around your house and then let their imaginations do the rest. 

One of the best props for this activity is cardboard boxes! Cardboard boxes can be used to build houses, ramps, airplanes, trains, or anything that your toddler desires. 

If you don't have cardboard boxes laying around, then a good substitute is a laundry basket or other large plastic containers. 

Give your toddlers other household items that you aren't using so their imaginations can soar. Things like pots, pans, blankets, pillows, and plastic cups are also great objects for their creative world. 

2. Sensory Play

Letting your toddler play with shaving cream is an awesome sensory activity that you can do at home. All you need to do is squirt some shaving cream onto a pan and let your little ones have at it.

If you want to go a step above, add some food coloring to the shaving cream. To contain the mess, put your toddler in an old t-shirt and have a towel on stand-by. 

Messy play is a fun time for toddlers! In exchange for some messy kids, this activity will help develop their fine motor skills. 

3. Play With Cans

If you've been stuck in the house for a while, then you may have some empty soda cans lying around. You and your toddler can put those recyclables to good use!

One thing you can do with the empty cans is to have your toddler stack them. See how high they can stack the cans without them toppling over. 

This will help to fine tune their hand movements as well as their agility with handling objects. 

Another fun idea is to set a few cans up like bowling pins down a hallway. Grab a ball and roll it down the hallway to see how many cans they can knock over. 

Cans are also a great way to introduce counting to your children. With any of these activities, you can teach them to count the cans. How many cans were they able to stack on top of eachother? How many total cans were knocked over by the end of the bowling game? 

4. Practice Sorting

When you're trying to figure out what to do with toddlers, you can get inspired just by looking at what you have around your house! Try to find things around your home that your toddler can sort either by color, shape, or size. 

For example, small pom poms, candy such as m&ms, beads, or buttons could all be sorted into different categories. You'll also want to find small containers for your toddler to put them in.

Now you can practice sorting with your toddler!

This is a fun activity that you can treat like a game and as an added bonus, can also teach them organizational skills

You can take it a step further and let them help you around the house with sorting. They can help you put away groceries, silverware, laundry, or even assist you with cooking dinner.

5. Play Balloon Hockey

If you have some balloons laying around the house, then play balloon hockey! Simply blow up a balloon and grab a fly swatter. 

You'll want to figure out where the goal post is going to be. Your toddler will use the fly swatter to hit the balloon into the goal to score a point. 

Another fun idea is to use the fly swatter to keep the balloon from touching the ground. Feel free to blow up more balloons for a challenge!

6. Indoor Balance Beam 

A great way to teach your children coordination while staying indoors is to make your own balance beam. Place a line of tape on the floor and have them walk along the tape!

As your toddler becomes better at balancing, you can get more creative with how you put down the tape. Zig-zag lines and curvy lines will test their balancing skills. 

Tell them to try crossing the balance beam different ways such as walking backwards, hopping on one foot, or skipping along the beam.

What a great way for your little ones to exert some energy during playtime! 

Creating Fun Activities for Toddlers at Home

If you're looking to create fun activities for toddlers to do indoors, remember a few things you already have laying around in your house and their imagination will do the trick.