Organic Cotton Blessing Gift Set

Give the gift of our cozy and comfortable organic cotton accessories bundle!

The 4-piece gift set includes the following:

Organic Cotton Head, Neck & Shoulder Support Baby Pillow: Our organic cotton head, neck & shoulder support pillow provides optimal support during travel by preventing the head from bobbing up and down and stopping the head from falling forward when asleep. The pillow’s uniquely patented design not only gently cradles and protects your babies’ fragile head and neck but also keeps their shoulders safely positioned as well. 

Organic Cotton Reversible Cushion Stroller Liner: Our organic cotton stroller liner provides stabilizing support and extra comfort for your precious little ones while on-the-go with soft, plush cushioning. The innovative and ergonomic design contours to your baby’s body to keep those bumpy rides as smooth as possible. The dual-sided reversible liner offers a breathable 3D-air mesh side for increased ventilation and a premium organic cotton side. Our liners install in most strollers and are easy to remove and clean.

Organic Cotton Round Bib: Our super-soft, organic cotton, 360-degree rotating and reversible round bib provides complete protection from everyday messes while stylishly complimenting your babies’ outfit with its adorable fabric print. The innovative 360-degree rotating bib was designed to be practical so busy moms can simply rotate the bib when one side becomes dirty and use a clean side right away. Absorbent cotton layers ensure that your little ones stay dry. The front neck elastic makes it a breeze to fit over your babies’ head while the easy to operate snap closure helps the bib stay secure. 

Organic Cotton Coated Bib: Our organic cotton coated baby bib features a PVC free, water-proof, stain-resistant coating to easily clean with a quick wipe. The soft premium, organic cotton inner layer gently rests against your baby’s delicate and sensitive skin. With a convenient catch-all front pocket attached, everyday spills, dribbles and food are contained during feeding. The bib securely attaches with velcro for an adjustable and tug-proof fit. 

* Available in Rosy Pink and Blue Stripe.

*Gift wrap may differ slightly from the picture.

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