The Best Teethers Gift Set For Babies

The ultimate collection to provide soothing teething relief features our watermelon, strawberry and grape silicone teethers.

Playfully designed like their favorite fruits, our silicone teethers provide comfort and relief during teething. Place in the refrigerator for your little ones to enjoy the cooling sensation on emerging teeth. The multi-textured surfaces featured on the fruit and the bottom of each teether encourage children’s oral sensory needs as they explore with their lips, tongue and jaw. Free of BPA, PVC and phthalates, our fruit teethers offer a safe option for babies to massage their sensitive and sore gums as they chew and bite the soft silicone. The simple shape makes it easy to grasp, stimulating their sense of touch and fostering early hand-eye coordination as they direct the teether into their mouths.

*Gift wrap may differ slightly from the picture.

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